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My Trip to England

Hello everybody!!

I realize I haven't written a blog since Christmas (I know, that's like 4 months and a new year!) But I finally have found the time I need to sort through photos from my trip and pick out some that I thought I should post. These photos are all from my time in England, and I think they turned out well! I hope everyone has been doing ok!

I'm really happy with how these 4 turned out! (Except for that bird in the last one) I hope you enjoyed these! Please like, comment, and subscribe if you want to be notified when I next post! (btw.... the next post is really exciting!!)


I started a youtube!


I just started a youtube channel per my last post. The name of the channel is EmmyXO, so please make sure to check it out!

I just uploaded my everyday makeup routine, so please check it out here, or below!
The products I used were:
  • bobbi brown foundation
  • stay matte powder
  • clinique duo eye shadow
  • revlon mascara
  • gosh brow kit
  • maybelline lip liner in wine
  • maybelline lipstick

Thanks for watching this guys! Please make sure to subscribe on both my blog and channel to stay updated! Also, please comment video ideas that you want to see me do below :)


New Camera!


This weekend I finally got a nice camera. It was my Christmas gift, as my parents didn't want to take the box with us to England.

The camera I got was the Canon Rebel t6i, in the value pack thing from costco.

It came with:
  • 2 batteries
  • a battery charger
  • a cable to plug into your computer
  • 2 basic lenses
  • a camera strap
  • a camera bag
  • a whole ton of directions
I don't know how to work it properly yet, but I did take some pretty awesome (in my opinion) photos. I'll put them all below, but I wanted to talk about some other things first.

I was thinking of starting a YouTube channel because I know have the availability to. If you would like me to, please comment any video suggestions or ideas down below in the comments. Also, if you have any blog post ideas make sure to comment them below as well!

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Decorating Your Room to Look Tumblr


Sorry I haven't posted in a long time, I was just super busy and didn't have any time to write anything.

So, this past weekend I was staying at my other house and I got to decorate a little more, so I took some pictures to explain how I got the tumblr look.
So here is the main shot of my room, with my bed and chair. What you can't see is an Ikea book shelf that has lots of colorful books on it, a bin with my electronics, and my TV on top (its so exciting, I can binge watch Netflix from my bed). 

For my room I wanted to keep the price minimal, so all the furniture is from Ikea, if it wasn't already obvious. I like my bed a lot, because it looks a lot different from a lot of beds that you see from Ikea, so it feels a little more expensive and original to me. 

When I'm in this house, I'm off school and get a lot more time to do things that I enjoy. I have a lot of books here (some that I'm still waiting to read), so I wanted a super comfy chair to be able to cuddle up and read. The chair that I actually wanted wasn't going to fit, so I ended up with this smaller, typical Ikea chair that I am actually really enjoying. 

I then spent more money on the things that really make the room. I spent the most on the bedding, it is from urban outfitters. Its super comfy, and I really like the material its made out of, and its good quality. Warning: the pillow cases are sold separately, so when the duvet cover came, I then had to order the pillow cases as well. After, I just put a decorative pillow on from, guess where, Ikea!

To decorate the window seat/sill I got a couple of super cute photo frames that I put a couple pictures of me and my friends. On the seat, I put a pillow that has a stenciled, water color daydreamer on it. I got this from Nordstrom Rack, and it was on sale at the time. 

Lighting wise, my room doesn't have an overhead light. I get a lot light from the window shown in this picture, as well as another high up to the side. So, I got a power strip and plugged it into the socket that is controlled by the light switch. I then plugged two strings of fairy lights in, so when I turn on the lights the fairy lights come on. I then got this super cute lamp from Target, which is teal on the bottom and white on the top with a lacy pattern near the bottom of the shade.

I hope this helps you guys create a room that you love!